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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  March 28, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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job. >> this has all of the markings of a carefully orchestrated rollout campaign. >> rescue teams are looking for survivors but only recovered bodies. >> we're trying to help any way we can. we're a tight knit town. >> australian search crews used new radar data to shift the area 683 miles northeast of the area they've been covering for the past few days. >> you just don't want me to get to my headline on obama care. >> more than 6 million americans have signed up for the new health care plan days before the march 31st deadline. texas senator ted cruz was speaking at the recent event and quoted winston churchill and started impersonating him. >> we shall fight on beaches and landing grounds and fields and in the street. we shall fight in the hills. we shall never surrender! >> what? even madonna was like what type
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of british accent was that? >> we begin this hour with very serious developing news. officials just moments ago announced that weather is further complicating search and rescue efforts at the site of the massive mudslide and making a nightmare scenario even worse. 17 people are confirmed dead but it's expected that that number could rise later today. teams searching desperately for survivors are only finding victims. there are still 90 names on the list of those unaccounted for. many of whom lived or or near steelhead drive, right underneath where the hillside gave way. search crews will keep looking for the missing but cautioned this could take months. shock hangs heavy over this
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small town where so many have been lost. imagine 17 dead, 90 missing, in one small town. among those lost, a 4-month-old baby, you see her there. her tiny body was recovered yesterday. she died with her grandmother and summer rafho was found in the back seat of her car. her brother went to the scene to look for her and described calling their mother to share that horrifying news. >> she at first started crying and just kind of was taken aback and then goes, go get her, go bring her home to me. >> county officials continue to field tough questions on whether warning signs were missed. whether this tragedy could have and should have been prevented. see, as far back as the 1950s, this hillside has been a subject of dire geological reports and even known by locals as slide hill. in the decades since, slide
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after slide have indeed happened, including one as recent as 2006. in 1999, a geeologist named david miller warned of quote the potential for a large catastrophic failure. a report that he says went ignored as government officials granted permits to build homes on the dangerous ground. daniel miller joins me from seattle. thank you so much for taking the time to tell this story. it's an important one. >> you're welcome. thank you for having me. >> you have said you were quote shocked to see construction continuing on this site after the slide eight years ago. do you think officials should have known this him was unsafe? >> yes, i think they should have known it was unsafe. they did know it was unsafe. i don't think that they knew the magnitude of the risk it posed. >> and if they knew the hill was a risk to some extent, even if they didn't know the magnitude, why allow people to build homes
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on it? >> i don't know the answer to that. i think many of the people that built their homes there were also and people that lived there were also aware of the risk and yet chose to live there. it's a bet they took and bet they lost. >> although it must be said that there has been testimony from some of those residents, particularly those who lived through the 2006 slide who said they didn't in fact know. i want to ask you about the future of this hill. is there anything that can be done to make this area safe, or do you think it should be permanently off-limits for residences. >> should be permanently off limits, there's nothing that can be done that i know of to make a hill like this safe. >> are there any rules or regulations governing construction on a site like this where mud slides have occurred? >> there are rules and regulations. i'm not aware of all of the details. the problem is that they are not always totally enforced.
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the regulators and permitters, they need to listen to the geologist and people that are trying to identify and quantify the hazards but that doesn't always happen because the voices of the landowners themself are often loud. i'm not pointing fingers or laying blame. the blame lies in lack of a systemic system for ensuring that everybody is fully aware of the consequences. decisions they make and that's something we can work to fix. >> the danger isn't just to those homeowners and future homeowners but to the search effort. are you worried about rescuers on that site? >> i'm worried but i think once a landslide failed at this point, it turned itself into a more stable configuration. there's still a potential for further failures but if there's a potential for finding survivors, i think that is a
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risk worth taking. >> to close out here, what is the lesson that we learned from this? >> the lesson is that we need to listen to those of us who are seeking to quantify and identify risks. we need to translate those warnings into a system that make -- that brings that information to the people making decisions and to the decisions both about permitting and decisions about where to live. >> all right, clearly those voices were not heard soon enough in this case with deadly consequences. dan miller, really appreciate your joining and taking a stand on this. >> thank you, you're welcome. >> just ahead on "ronan farrow daily," chris christie says his hands are clean and in over an hour he will hold a news conference where he may say it again. is he convincing? we'll cross that bridge after the break. [ female announcer ] crest presents:
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welcome back. next hour chris christie is scheduled to give a press conference ahead of his trip to las vegas where he's going to speak at the republican jewish coalition on saturday night. this comes one day after christie spoke out to abc news telling this to a national audien audience. >> i am who i am and for some people they love it. i travel around new jersey and hear from most people that's the thing they love the most. >> what about iowa? >> well, i think they love me in iowa too, diane, i've been there a lot. i thenk they love me there too. >> has this torpedoed your 2016 run? >> i haven't made a decision and don't intend to make a decision on 2016 until a year from now but won't have anything to do
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with what's happened in the last ten weeks. >> the first interview since the release of the new report from a team of lawyers selected by christie's administration which found the governor was not directly involved in the george washington bridge lane closures. as the report calls them, 382 times, quote, realignments, not closures, realignments. the report pointed the finger instead at christie's aides, bridget kelly as they portray as a woman scorned by her break-up with bill stepien. steve kornacki reported on this very show for first time yesterday, kelly and number of other key players in the controversy declined to participate with the christie administration's investigation to unpack things and where they stand is brian murphy, an msnbc
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contributor and former employee of david wildstein, one of the officials who did not participate in the report. >> thanks for having me on. >> tell me, what you think of the accusation that this report gets too personal? the new york times calls it sexist and says the portrayal of bridget kelly is offensive. >> i find it highly questionable that they have both -- two parts of this report, one part about bridgegate and 130 pages are about hoboken. the two chief villains of this story, are dawn zimmer, the mayor of hoboken and bridget kelly. there's a certain gender issue. the issue with getting into the relationship is a lot of reporters knew about this and we never talked about it because it didn't seem relevant to reporting. to throw it in there -- >> it was something of common knowledge. >> that's right. people have families and relationships are complicated and bill stepien was married,
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that doesn't get worked in there. >> it remains unclear how relevant it is. >> i just don't -- it's way more heat than light but something that i think is written and thrown in there to get a headline. >> here are the references, kelly and stepien have become personally involved, events in kelly's personal life may have led to a bearing on her subjective motivations and on and on, given that stepien's personal relationship with kelly had reportedly cooled. characterizing this as being the fact pattern. do you think that's not the case? >> i don't see any evidence for it. show me where it works into the timeline or show me how it affects someone gets upset, they don't usually start messing around with infrastructure. like the logical flow isn't there at all and written and very like, terrible 1950s pulpy way you would hear, like it's not written well. it's columncy and doesn't belong
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in there and doesn't make sense. >> you worked for david wildstein, what do you think his motivation is in not cooperating. >> probably he feels he's under the threat of a criminal indictment. that would be the most approximate explanation. >> he's trying to stay out of it as much as he can. >> it's always worth remembering, this report, the conclusion was foregone, once chris christie picked who was going to be writing the report, we knew what the conclusion would be. it's just a question of what route you take to get to the end point. >> thank you so much, appreciate you're joining us. >> thanks for having me on. >> the emergence on the stage that chris christie is going through right now raising a lot of questions about the future and bearing of his futd you're on the republican party. again, we're waiting for the press conference scheduled for the very next hour after this one in which he will presumably speak on these issues and try to lay them to rest and set the stage for a departure to las
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vegas where he is speaking to the republican jewish coalition. so a significant signal that his ambitions are far from dead. here to speak on this subject is michael steele, former head of the republican national convention, currently an msnbc contributor and finest guests. >> i appreciate that. >> how are you doing? >> doing well. michael, christie's standing was somewhat damaged before the report, even among republicans and nbc news wall street journal poll last month found christie was under water with republican voters. do you think the current p.r. charm offensive will salvage his credibility? >> it remains to be seen. the effort will be there from sure. from christie's perspective, until there's something more damaging, he's going to get the benefit of the doubt from a lot of republicans, establishment republicans who are kind of looking over their shoulders and seeing emergence of rand paul
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who put together as reported in the "washington post," a full balloon 50 state strategy that has meat and substance to it. there's talk about jeb bush sort of re-evaluating, and eye a lot of folks would love the positive reevaluation towards a positive bid. christie folks are looking at how we get ahead of the narrative and change the narrative in away in which christie is even as gubernatorial and leader within the rga and seen as someone that the donors despite all of the hoopla over the bridge are still behind and in a big way and are supportive of -- that doesn't take into account the base. that's a whole different conversation and christie is playing top line as he probably should. but at some point you're going to have to bring it closer to home, baby and get down on the ground with a lot of grass roots conservatives and then the conversation will probably be less about the bridge and much
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more about the substance of his bona fide as conservatives. >> a lot of those in the conservative movement think the success of the grass roots action will rest on rallying more moderate candidates. sheldon spent over $92 million in 2012 to achieve just that. where do you think christie fits in his effort to rally moderate republican candidates? >> that's a very interesting question, because i think in large measure beyond the scope of a primary setting, i think he has a lot of influence and ability to bring those ends together, ronan and tie them up for the party. in other words, to bring those disaffected republicans and like minded democrats, independent voters and women certainly, to the table in a way that in a general campaign is not only
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competitive but winnable. the problem still remains though, the base is at best suspect and at worst just outright against him. and so i think that he's going to have to figure out how to navigate those waters before any real conversation of substance about a national bid has legitimacy because if you can't get past that republican primary and if you're standing on the stage with eight other republicans and you're the last man they are looking at, that's not going to be beneficial in a general campaign. so there's -- first steps first, but right now it's sort of like you said at the beginning, rebuilding the brand if you will, then taking that rebuilt brand to the base through the work he's doing reat the rga and governor of new jersey nj. >> let's look into the crystal ball, jeb bush is another potential candidate and he's courting both of them. how do you think the future would look different under these
10:19 am
two potential leaderships? >> wow, that's -- that's a big yummy question -- >> stay for the rest of the hour to discuss it, michael. >> i was going to say, that's the real number of this thing. those two individuals, along with others, governor huntsman, for example, have this broader appeal that brings so many dispar rat parts together and their real test is not doing that but being able to tie the bow with the base in the beginning to say, i'm with you in the fights that matter. i'm with you in the principles that this party stands for and now with you we're going to broaden our reach and invite others to be a part of the fight for health care and jobs and so forth. they can make that argument, but they have to pass the initial test. >> all right, thank you so much. former rnc chair michael steele, appreciate your joining. >> all right, buddy. governor christie is going to be
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holding a news conference which may yield more news at 2:30 p.m. eastern time. you can watch it live here on msnbc. first, stay with us, investigators have moved the search area for flight 370. what does it mean? i'm going to talk to a partner of one of the passengers right ahead. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community,
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if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. welcome back. a shift in the search for malaysian air flight 370 has what's being called the best lead yet. crews are focused on a new search area closer to perth and less treacherous but also big, about the size of new mexico. this shift was the result of new satellite data showing that the plane didn't travel as far south as first believed. >> this is the normal business of search and rescue operations that new information comes to life refined analyses take you
10:24 am
to a different place. i don't count the original work a waste of time. >> the search day yielded a new discovery by the crew of a new zealand plane. they viewed what could be a crash zone. the crew took pictures and we should learn exactly what they found in just a few hours. earlier i spoke with sarah bajc, the partner of the philip wood who was on flight 370. >> in light of the latest news that a new zealand plane appears to have discovered a substantial amount of debris, is that the type of information that could provide closure or do you need something more than that? >> debris alone doesn't provide closure unless it can be proven from that exact flight, right? if they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, they have seat cushions and other types of luggage debris, then i would accept that as evidence that
10:25 am
there has been a crash. now, as evidence that all of the passengers are dead, you would actually have to have bodies to be able to confirm that. but you know, i'm a practical person and evidence of a crash would be a step in that direction, but there's an aux lot of junk floating around in the ocean. so we have to wait and see what they find. >> i also spoke with sarah on whether she's hopeful the plane still might be found and how she feels about the treatment families of the passengers of flight 370 have received over the past weeks. you can see our full interview on the website. up ahead on the program today, we reveal your choice for the story that cried out for more coverage this week. you'll want to see it. a lot of you have been calling for it very passionately. we're going to devote an entire segment to doing exactly what you asked for. ask and you shall receive, directly up ahead. i've always kept my eye on her...
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welcome back to the program. all this past week, we've asked you for your number one story that you want the media to cover more. we're on it. your answer by a huge margin, congress's failure to extend long term unemployment benefits. 2.2 million americans lost that safety net after congress failed to extend it in december. just yesterday in the latest news, the senate voted 65-34 to advance a bill that would begin the debate to extend those benefits now. for five additional months. but it's unlikely the $10 billion measure will get through the house in its current form. i want to look at what's happening on the hill on this right now. congressional correspondent luke russert is joining us with that. thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be here. >> thank you. house speaker john boehner did say this agreement is not workable in its current form.
10:30 am
what's your sense out there in washington? >> it faces a very, very steep uphill climb in the house of representatives. there's little doubt that because it was able to achieve cloture and there were five republicans working on this unemployment insurance deal that it will move forward in the senate next week. after that what happens in the house is anyone's gs. john boehner has called it unworkable and pointed to a study by state workforce agencies that says the changes made by the senate bill would not be able to be implemented because states haaging computer systems. it's an entirely separate issue and something you can do a whole show on. what's interesting about that, the argument comes up, if they can't implement the new changes that republicans want in the senate bill, why not go to the old system which is routinely voted on in a bipartisan day under republican presidents and democratic presidents. le real issue has to do with
10:31 am
what folks in the house see as this adds to the deficit. even though it's paid for, with the customs fees, they still see this as some degree of deficit spending because they feel there will be fraudulent claims processed in the states and there's not enough here within the bill to try and get people back to work. but it comes i think with -- good news for democrats, ronan, the way they want to portray this. they are trying to make republicans out to be the bad guy saying they are not doing enough to move forward on the benefits. if you look at the reasons for why they are not moving, aside from the eligibility requirements and what not, it's question bl they don't like the unemployment benefits, ronan. >> that's a helpful overview. >> take care. >> one thing luke mentions is that john boehner and a lot of conservative movement does feel there's not enough in this kind of legislation to get people back to work. that's one thing i want to return to. there are all of these questions being raised about the balance between giving what are called handouts by critics and giving
10:32 am
them services and training. it also questions about the impact this kind of unemployment insurance would have on the economy. and on the american people in general. so first i want to pose that question. is this worth the investment? the numbers? you can slice them a lot of different ways but a labor department study under the bush administration showed that for every dollar spent on unemployment benefits, $2 are pumped back into the economy. this support would impact a lot of people. millions. the biggest group actually may surprise you. i want to highlight this. young people are most affected by this. the brookings institution says 40% of the long-term unemployed are currently between the ages of 16 and 34. to get a sense of pros and cons, i want to bring in robert frank, a professor of economics at corn el. thank you for taking the time to join. >> my pleasure. ronan. >> i want to talk about the economics of this. the relief to the average unemployed worker would be $300
10:33 am
a week under this legislation. there's an argument that renewing those benefits as we just heard could pump more money into the economy. do you think that's the case? xbl this would be the single measure we could take that would pump more money into the spending stream than any other one that would be politically feasible. >> do you think it's worth the $10 billion price tag attached? >> that's a cost on paper. what we know is that we've had deficits primarily because the economy is still in a very deep recession. the task above all else is to get spending back up to the level that will put jobs out there for people who want to work. there aren't jobs enough for people who want to work. corporations are sitting on mountains of cash. they are not investing, they have factories big enough to build more than people want to buy. consumers are still paying down debt and the people involved here, these are long term unemployed, they have exhausted their savings and they'll spend
10:34 am
every nickel that's put back into the economy with this measure. >> looking at the current push to renew these benefits and what's in and not in this legislation, what do you think the key things are that need to make it in to achieve that economic outcome you're talking about? >> if people want to establish training programs to go along with this, that's fine, it would be cheaper to extend the benefits. these are not people who don't want to find jobs. the impression that they are gold brickers looking forehandouts, that's not the description that applies. sure you can find something who may be looking for a handout, but they are people that want work and the reason they are not getting work, there's not work to be had. the reason for that there's still not enough spending. that's the task. there's other ways we could put more money into the economy but none that i think would be as politically attractive as this. you pointed out the republican opposition to it. they would probably rather not see the step taken but i think
10:35 am
it will be harder politically for them to oppose this increase in spending than many of the others that have been proposed. >> let's go to that point you just made about job training programs. that is a big part of the partisan debate on the hill about this. john boehner and many other conserve sieves saying it doesn't do enough to train people for job. it would be better to make them more equipped for the economy. you're saying you don't think that's the most cost effective outcome. >> it's not really the reason that they are not finding jobs. it's not that they are not trained for jobs. there would be people who could benefit from training to be sure. we should have training where it would be shown that it would yield enough benefit to cover the cost. the reason they are not finding enough jobs is there's not enough demand. if we had more spending there would be more people able to find jobs and the quickest way to do that would be to put money into these people's hands. >> thank you so much, professor. >> very helpful. a technical issue but one that as you highlight is a linchpin
10:36 am
of our economy going forward. >> exactly. >> thank you for that. >> stay tuned because up next, we will be reaching out for you for our next underreported story and we'll be covering over the coming weeks the things that you think aren't getting on media's radar. just ahead on "ronan farrow daily," we called on you to act and boy did you ever. we'll put a face on cost of the health care, two charming faces and we'll discuss a new milestone for obama care. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ is really what makes it slike two deals in one.he $1,000 fuel reward card kinda. salesperson #2: actually, getting a great car with 42 highway miles per gallon makes it like two deals in one. salesperson #1: point is there's never been
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if you notice any of these, stop chantix, and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental-health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away, as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood-vessel problems or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping, and unusual dreams. my quit date was my son's birthday, and that was my gift for him and me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. welcome back to the program, all week this week our call to action has been focused on the cost of health care in america and a lot of you made sure to tell us what your monthly costs were. in the past and also what they are now, often under obamacare.
10:40 am
we found that 71% of people who mentioned the aca in their responses were positive while 29% of you responded negatively about the impact of obamacare. the white house just released today numbers saying more than 6 million people have signed up for obamacare. how is it really changing the amount that people pay in health insurance? we had our responses and i'm joined by an expert of this, a non-profit advocacy organization working to ensure uninsured americans know how to sign up for obamacare. >> thanks for having me. >> can you clarify this new 6 million number? how many people have enrolled and paying premiums and how much do we know so far? >> what we know at this point is pretty top line information from the administration. 6 million people have completed the enrollment process. i'll say with our get covered america campaign, we're out there every day in communities
10:41 am
and the surge they are describing is exactly what we are seeing every day with the events we're doing. >> young and healthy people are at the heart of the successor failure of this. as of now, 25% of sign-ups are from 18 to 34-year-olds. what will it take to grow that number? >> well, it takes the work that we're doing in communities every day. we're partnering with community colleges where we're seeing a lot of students come and have a lot of interest in their options. it also really takes communicating the fact that financial assistance is available. we've seen in previous research that three out of four young people want health insurance but couldn't afford it. now we know about half of young people who are uninsured can get a plan for $50 or less a month. when you have that conversation with someone, they get pretty interested. that's what we're doing with our campaign and what the conversations we're having in communities every single day. >> you say more communication is required and communication about deadlines specifically has been a rocky area as this has been rolled out, including this week
10:42 am
when we had a new move of this deadline. how confusing does this get for people you're trying to help understand this? >> well, we do know people have a lot of questions about that. and that's really why you need to have people in communities who can answer these questions. we're making clear to everyone, monday, this coming monday, march 31st is the deadline. it is great news for consumer if someone has run into issues and done their very best to try to enroll and ran into an issue, they are going to have more time and we'll help them through the process. at the end of the day it's a real win for consumers. >> your group is sympathetic to the deadline move. one more important issue in a new report today, reuters reported that oregon and massachusetts state based marketplaces are thinking of enrolling in the federal system and idaho and new mexico may be doing the opposite and opting out of the federal program. how would that change the landscape on this?
10:43 am
>> the intention of the affordable care act is that states would take ownership and help enroll their members of their states. but the federal government has really done a great job plugging in and making sure folks no matter what community they live in can enroll. what's going to happen is we're going to take a step back and look at what happened in the first enrollment period and make adjustments to do a better job this next one. we'll continue to see changes and improvements as we go. >> thank you. thank you to all of you at home to participated in our call to action this week. we got really interesting responses. brett tweeted this picture showing due to obamacare he was expecting to save 490 but the aca kicked his kids off the new plan and now paying $1,090 a month. patricia said i have medicare i pay $104 and supplement much
10:44 am
223. i wish everyone had medicare. heather and ron in spring valley, california were our favorites, this e-mailed this lovely picture of themselves and accompanying spreadsheet. they paid $293 each month and they look like pretty happy campers. all right, up next, how much do you know about flax oil? probably not as much as the conscious uncoupler sparking the debate that we'll take a serious look at next. in the nation, we reward safe driving.
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welcome back, it has not been the best way for actress gwynnth paltrow, renounced her conscious uncoupleing and she described how hard life is for
10:48 am
her, saying, i think it's different when you have an office job because it's routine and you know, you can do all of the stuff in the morning and then you come home in the evening. she continued i think to have a regular job and be a mom is not as -- of course there are challenges but not like being onset. oh, boy. that prompted a response from our next guest mckenzie dawson wrote an open letter to gwynnth paltrow, thank god i don't make millions filming one movie per year is what i say to myself every morning as i wait on a windy platform about to begin my 45 commute into the city. joining us now is mckenzie, author of that column and contributor editor at new york post. especially given my personal background, i see people filing on celebrities. this particular week i'm sure
10:49 am
has been a hard one for miss paltrow. did you worry as about you were to hit publish on this that it's too much and insensitive to her kids right now? >> it's a good question. whenever i'm writing something, i'm keeping in mind there's a real person that i'm writing about. and -- >> that's highly unusual. >> i think that, you know, my letter to her was written with a sense of humor and so -- >> it is funny, i'll give you that. >> thank you. i saw it more as a gentle prod rather than a vicious takedown. i was -- i'm not angry at her and don't bear her illwill and do wish her the best. as i was writing it i was giggling a little bit about it. but i don't think that it's -- >> you didn't tear her heart out. >> no. >> that's a fair defense of that. >> it is true it is also a valid thing to point out in this dialogue we have with celebrities in the country and
10:50 am
the hyper wealthy in in country to point out, watch how you sound, this is not how everyone lives their lives. >> when you're a fortunate person and i define that in man support of a loving family and good health, those are fortunate people. i just think that you have a responsibility to show some extra empathy and extra awareness, you know, given the situations that people face in their daily lives. people go through hard times and i think all anyone is wanting gwyneth to do is just be aware of that. >> i think that's exactly right. this is so important, and it's under represented, you don't hear enough of the hyper privileged, hyper wealthy actually speaking about what people live their life like. going deep into the comparison she made between what she called a normal office job and her quite rarified existence. a lot of avocado picking with
10:51 am
her kids. that's not what a lot of people in the boroughs of this great city are going through every day. she talks about how hard people on the set work. people do indeed work long hours, i'm not saying it is easy. but it's also true that the office jobs she talks about are very, very hard. and as someone who's in an entertainment job myself, i'm aware of how incredibly lucky i am. so do you have a broader agenda putting this message out, trying to establish more accountability for people who talk about these wealth disparities? >> yes, absolutely that, i always think that it's an important -- it, you know, is a necessary part of the dialogue that we have. but also, my point was less about gwyneth specifically and more just that, you know, it's tough for working parents and it's tough especially in a country that doesn't always give a lot of support. there is no nationally, you
10:52 am
know, mandated maternity leave for instance. paid, sorry, paid maternity leave. >> and the united states ask one of the very few countries that's still true in. >> exactly. i think we have some unlikely bedfellows there in that, like possibly zimbabwe, i would have to look at the list again. >> the list is pretty startling, we have covered that on our show, it's not the greatest. >> but it's a tough -- it's, being a parent is a wonderful thing, but it's also a very hard thing and i think that people just want to feel like they are supported in some way. you know, obviously, there's also a tendency towards overwork in this country right now, which i think is a real problem. there are so few 9:00 to 5:00 jobs anymore. most people are tethered to their devices and expected to work ridiculous hours. and that hurts families. >> and those are the lucky few that get the jobs. >> that have a job.
10:53 am
and i'm not even talking about people who are working multiple, you know, minimum wage jobs. and i don't talk about that because i don't -- i would not presume to say that i know how that is. you know? >> right. >> so i think maybe gwyneth should not presume as much. >> have you heard anything from gwyneth paltrow in response to this? >> no, i have not. >> i wonder if we'll see some kind of a response in some sense. but not hearing how she was sounding, as rarify as her existence is, i hope other celebrities do use their platform to talk sensitively about the fact is that it's hard out there for working parents and particularly the companies that you're talking about that can offer that type of support. >> i would have so much respect for any celebrity if they use their immense power and
10:54 am
reputation that they're not talking about sexy issues. is it sexy to talk about how more businesses should offer more flexible work arrangements, no, they're not, but they should. if more celebrities started joining that kind of national dialogue, they would get so much response. >> and i think, not to pile up on her, i don't think she needs to apologize, but if she came out and started making positive comments about those very real needs in this country, i can only imagine that would be really welcome. >> nobody wants to hate gwyneth paltrow. >> she's perfect. she's annoyingly perfect. >> she just needs to think a little bit about the things she says. >> thank you very much mackenzie, i appreciate getting your insights on this. i'm going to go to another strong working mom, ms. joy reid. it's hard out there for mothers with children holding down jobs? >> absolutely, it's really difficult. one thing that people forgot too is that a lot of working moms
10:55 am
actually enjoy their work. so there's some penalty for admitting that the work part of it is fun. >> i'm glad we can consciously couple to reid report now, i appreciate and respect the fact that you are one of those strong working moms, joy reid. >> by the way, my kids should be getting home right about now, so clean the house and get your home work done. next on the reid report, we're all over the latest in the chris christie scandal. the administration's hand picked law firm did the report and it's costing taxpayers a million bucks. the reid report starts just minutes from now. we need it right away! we cannot let the fans down.
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happy friday, reiders, this is the reid report, i'm joy reid. chris christie's news conference is his first after the one in january when he vehemently denied causing the traffic mess in new jersey. christie is expected to again repeat his claim that he knew nothing about the plan ahead of time. and he'll release a commissioned review that he says backs him up. the 360-page report by attorneys hand picked by the governor's office and paid for by the taxpayers of new jersey concludes that the governor was not involved in the bridge lane closure plan. here's what christie told nbc news last night.
11:00 am
>> i had no knowledge of it before it happened, nor did it authorize it or have anything to do with it. that's the truth. sometimes people do inexplicably stupid things. >> in the interview, christie also brushed aside the word bully. saying he doesn't believe anything about the climate he created in the governor's office would push anybody that works for him to push such a destructive plan. >> i spent the last 11 weeks thinking about what did i do if anything to contribute to this. and i don't believe that i did. but i'm certainly disappointed in myself that i wasn't able to pick up these traits in these people. >> and yet, the report goes out of its way to attack two former christie aides, bridget kelly and david winestein. at some


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